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Do not deal with this company. I paid $325 for a watch that is selling elsewhere for between $40 and $80. I got a partial refund because I paid through Paypal luckily. This company are con artists. Buyers beware!

Purchase review.

The customer service was excellent and the watch is so beautiful definitely purchasing more in the future. And delivery was so quick. Would highly recommend

A Stunning Find

When the watch arrived it was beautiful. I'm so glad I bought this for my partner because he loves it. The watch ended up coming earlier than expected and made a wonderful anniversary gift.

Gould - Wooden Watch - Personalised Option
Nicolle M.

Thank you soo much my husband loves the gift

Gould - Wooden Watch - Personalised Option
Bianca N.
Gould - Wooden Watch - Personalised Option

Great watch and fast shipping, love it.

Wapiti - Bamboo Watch - Personalised Option
Siobhan A.
Wapiti Bamboo watch

Loving my watch!! Looks fantastic & I have received lots of compliments on it. Purchase & service was great! The personalised message on the back is a real treat. Will certainly buy again

Ebony - Wooden Watch - Personalised Option
Kelly S.


Bana - Wooden Watch - Personalised Option
Christine F.
Fantastic product and great service

Highly recommended. The watch is even better than expected. Beautiful craftsmanship and very light and comfortable to wear. The service was fantastic with quick responses to queries. The product arrived in time for Christmas which was inside the delivery window. Thank you.

Davis - Wooden Watch - Personalised Option
Maureen H.
Top Quality

Bought this watch for my husbands 70th. The personalisation engraving on both the watch and presentation box was both professional and of the highest quality.

Bluey - Wooden Watch - Personalised Option
Cathy B.


Dusty - Wood Watch - Personalised Option
Bella F.
I purchased the watch with

I purchased the watch with engraving for my husband for our 5th wedding anniversary. He absolutely loved it and it is so lightweight and just a lovely piece.

Cahill - Mechanical Wooden Watch
Jeanette P.
Cahill Mechanical wooden watch.

Just as it looked on the website. I bought it as a gift and it was well received. Beautiful watch.

Thorpe - Wooden Watch - Personalised Option
Angelina T.
Blown away

I’m so so so in love with it. Packaged beautifully. So much more amazing than I could’ve imagined. It takes a little while so order at least a month before any special dates but SO worth it. I was blown away and can’t wait to surprise my SO

Ella - Wooden Watch - Personalised Option
Meridee J.

I really love my watch, I have had a lot of comments from people on how nice it is.

Browne - Wooden Watch - Personalised Option
Ryan T.
Great watch, very happy with

Great watch, very happy with the purchase

Cahill - Mechanical Wooden Watch
Jody S.
Love it

My first watch wad delivered fast but was broken so Han to organise for a new one. The new watch come just as fast and was perfect thank you.

Hugh - Wooden Watch - Personalised Option
Annabel K.
Much better than I even expected

The watch arrived over a week earlier than expected which was fab! And it arrived in fab condition perfect for my partners birthday! Thanks!

Gould - Wooden Watch - Personalised Option
Alison T.
Anniversary watch

absolutely love the watch and knowing my partner will as well is even better. The engraving is awesome and as on the top of the box is more then l thought.

Blown away!!

Thank you Bamboo Watches Australia, I purchased this for a friend and it is a beautiful piece we are both big lovers of watches and this allowed me to give her something very special that she will cherish. Your customer service was great when I had questions and the package arrived on time, I just need to order a bit earlier next time as I underestimated the timings. The wooden box with the inscription on it was beautiful and something I didn’t expect, it was perfect! Thank you again you’ve made my year because I was able to make my friend so happy with this time piece.

Blown away!!!

I purchased this watch for my husband as a 5th wedding anniversary present, to say it is stunning doesn’t even begin to describe how wonderful this watch is. I had it engraved and the team were amazing in contacting me to make sure all details were correct! Will definitely be buying again. Thank you

Brue - Wooden Watch - Personalised Option
Bridie C.
Exceeded my expectations by about a gazillion

I think it's important to start with: I placed my order during the early stages of the Covid19 Freak Out: Australia Edition. So I must commend Customer Support for answering my super stupid "ermagerd will my watch ever come" email with patience and kindness (All of the info I was looking for was on the website. In red. With asterisks. And capitals. I clearly didn't look), so thank you Customer Service for reassuring me and for staying in contact throughout.

The watch itself is awesome. It looks cool, it's nice and big, they obliged with the stupid thing I wanted engraved "Mi fartas bone čar mi havas anason" (Esperanto for: "I'm doing well, because I have a duck"....I don'teven have a duck). Plus, my really cool watch with the stupid phrase came in a box with the stupid phrase engraved on there too!!! Triple win! It's really more than a triple win really, because it came with a tool to take the pins out so links could be removed and the watch adjusted. So I really appreciated that part as well, because now I feel like a fancy watchmaker with a cool wooden watch with a hidden mysterious phrase that really doesn't make sense. Absolute perfection. I look forward to getting more watches from you!

Davis - Wooden Watch - Personalised Option
Debbie W.
Absolutely love the watch that

Absolutely love the watch that I bought my husband.. The watch box was also a lovely touch.. Highly recommend to my friends and family

Hugh - Wooden Watch - Personalised Option
Alanah O.
Yosemite Wooden Watch

I gifted this watch to my boyfriend for Christmas with personalised engraving and he absolutely loved it. He thought it was the most unique present

I purchased the personalised Denali

I purchased the personalised Denali & the Zion watches and they turned out better than expected! Was starting to worry if they will come on time and sent them an email, it was sent later that day! Great customer service, love the engraving on the boxes aswell, would buy again and do reccomend for anyone in dought (do allow minimum of a week to arrive)

Sarah - Bamboo Watch - Custom Photo Option
Lisa D.
Customised Photo Watch

We recently purchase customised watches as a corporate gift. They look amazing and the staff are so thrilled with this unique gift. Highly recommended!